Marina Abramova

abramarinIs a studied material scientist who has made her dream come true and works as a freelance painter. 

After completing her studies in Moscow and Freiberg, she lives and works in Oberfranken, where she researches the medium of watercolor, tests and brings it to the limits. Master classes, among other things, led to them to Joseph Zbukvic, Sergei Kurbatov und Miguel Linares Rios. 

Cities and their inhabitants are again the objects of their reflections. The relationships are discussed and rethought. For Marina Abramova, however, there are not conflicts which give the impetus for their work, but life in the cities themselves. 

Sometimes there work is lost in the absurd normal and creates a mood as if one had known this place since childhood. Sometimes there are unusual situations or events that do not seem to fit, and sometimes there are the little things that make the viewer smile. And not only are sometimes the places that cannot be found in any tourist guide, but allow a glimpse into the soul of the city.